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Our Company

PT. LUMINDO ARTHA SEJATI, ( PT. LAS) was founded in Oktober 2012 di Jakarta, specializing  mainly  as  a  supplier  and  consultant  for  military  purpose  specially  for Indonesian Navy Marines Corps.  

In the early years, the company dedicated it’s activities in supplying The Indonesian Navy Marines Corps with Spareparts and Engines of Combat and Tactical Vehicle, Military Equipments and provides consutant services. 

Currently PT. LAS got an opportunities to collaborate with other several government agencies namely The Navy Research and Development Institution, The Directorate of Equipment of the Army and the Airforce.  

 To  meet  the  ever  increasing  market  demand  and  to  give  better  services,  we  were supported  by  local  and  also  foreign  suppliers  or  producers  from  Czech  Republic, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, and others. 

With the support of the experts and principals we are experienced and confidence to do business in the field as bellow : 

Procurement of spareparts, and maintenance of Tactical Vehicle : 
    • Liaz Truck 
    • Tatra Truck with RM-70 Grad 
    • Unimog Truck 
    • Reo / KM250 Truck 
Procurement of spareparts and maintenance of Combat Vehicle : 
    • BTR 50 / PT 76 
    • BVP II 
    • BMP-3F 
    • LVT-7 
Procurement of Military Equipments : 
    • Optical (Binocular, Monocular, Range Finder, dll) 
    • Open & Closed Circuit. 
    • Sea Rider & Sea Hunter with engines 
    • Parachutes (Static & Freefall) 
    • Marine Diesel Spareparts (CAT, MAN) 

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